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Just Two Steps to Health and Vitality

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Are you on the countdown to Christmas?this week sees the run up to the big day – so I am not going to talk about what you should be eating this week – unless you are already considering your diet – most people will be rushing around doing last minute shopping and grabbing food on the run…..So – I want you to consider taking time after the big day to sit down and start to think about you!what do you want for yourself in the new Year – I think the new Year always marks a milestone – look back and see what you have achieved and then look forward and set yourself some goals for the brand new year.Of course I am interested in your health and fitness goals – so, do any of the following apply to you?• Waking up in the morning and dragging yourself out of bed, needing caffeine shot to get you going ?• Unable to focus on the job in hand – concentration at an all-time low, foggy thinking• Headaches ?• Bloated?• Constipated• Suffering from Pre menstrual tension, menopausal symptoms and irritability• Get home from work and slouch on the sofa – too tired to bother about cooking• Grab more takeaways or TV dinners than cooking from scratch• Drink one or less glasses of water per day• Rarely eat raw vegetables or salads or even hardly any vegetables at allThese are just a few suggestions about how things are for you – many people like you feel this way and it’s all down to what you eat!yes – your diet is not good!!!!So what can you do about it, it’s too late now, it’s Christmas – well let me tell you it is NEVER too late so start by planning to spend a few hours making those health and fitness goals for the new year.  There are ONLY two steps you need to make:1. Start by downloading my 30 day plan, this will be ALL you will  need, it has a step by step proven programme to get your body working in the way it should – this will give you all the health and vitality you will need, and NO starvation.2. Plan a fitness regime, this can be signing up to a gym, joining a class or getting the latest DVD.  plan to spend at least three times weekly on your fitness regime and also remember to walk where possible.

It is that simple, I have made it simple for you based on my vast experience of dealing with people just like you.happy PlanningTrisha

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