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Meal plans atkins diet – is it really right for you?

 Meal plans atkins diet – is it really right for you?

Losing weight is very popular nowadays. People are starting to get health conscious and thus have indulged themselves on weight loss programs. On several cases, people would go for diet plans. others do exercises in gyms. This is the reason why gyms have also become popular today and have started to become a good source of income for businessmen. Experts say that combining a good diet plan with exercise is the best way to lose weight. Exercising can be learned from going to a gym with a gym instructor. Diet plans, however, have to be chosen very carefully. you first need to know what diet plan would be good for you. and you might consider meal plans Atkins diet as one of your choices for a diet plan.

Dr. Robert Atkins first introduced meal plans Atkins diet during the 1970′s. But this diet plan only became popular after 10 years along with Dr. Robert Atkins’ book, "Dr. Atkins’ new Diet Revolution". afterwards, millions of people now follow the meal plans Atkins diet. Meal Plans Atkins’ diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. in this diet, you are allowed to eat meat, cheese and eggs for they are high in protein. On the other hand, foods high in carbohydrates like rice and bread are discouraged. When you eat food high in carbohydrates, more enzymes are needed to be generated in order to digest it. your pancreatic cells may be damaged in the long run if you keep generating enzymes. This could also lead to diabetes. with Atkins diet, your body will burn the fats for energy instead of depending on the carbohydrates you consume. If you burn those extra fats, you’ll be able to lose weight. furthermore, overall health is improved with Atkins’ diet. How? When you burn the extra fats in your body, toxins are also removed since the fats contain these toxins. So would you try Atkins diet? while many people can really make use of it, not everyone can do it. People with kidney disorders, diabetes and pregnancy, are not allowed to do the Atkins diet. So before trying the Atkins Diet, get examined by a doctor to make sure that your body can undergo the Atkins diet.

now if you are sure that you can do the Meal plans Atkins diet, then it’s time to know the phases. here are the following phases of Atkins diet:

1. Induction – here, you are only allowed to consume at most 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Plan for the foods you’ll eat as this phase will last for 14 days.

2. Ongoing Weight loss – here, you are simply going to increase carbohydrate intake to five grams per day.

3. Pre-maintenance – here, you can try any food that you like to know if it could increase your body weight or not. If it is good enough, you can add that food on your diet.

4. Maintenance – This phase occurs after you have lost the weight that you wanted. you may now add foods with carbohydrates as long as it does not increase your weight.

The meal plans Atkins diet is a diet plan that could endanger your health. This is because of the fact that it denies fruits and vegetables as part of your diet. you know that fruits and vegetables are healthy foods so not eating it could endanger your health.

now that you know that this diet plan is unreliable, you should go for Fat Loss for idiots. Fat loss for idiots lets you lose weight in a few days and let you feel good. This is the best way to lose weight.

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