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Weight of blame on spouse for wayward diets

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Healthy habits: Ana Thomas has lost weight through exercise and good eating. Picture: Craig Borrow Source: Herald Sun

FAILED dieters are blaming selfish partners for wrecking their efforts to lose weight.

 One in three struggling to shed unwanted kilos report some form of "spousal sabotage", such as pestering them to eat unhealthy food or enjoying fatty treats in full view.

The blow to domestic bliss emerged in a major survey on the secrets of keeping slim.

Carefully controlled portions was declared the best eating behaviour.

Reducing daily fat intake, loading up on fruit and vegetables, eating dinner at home and regular exercise were the other winning strategies.

But relying on popular low-carb diets, eating many small meals, not eating between meals and including lean protein with most meals made little difference.

The report mapped the diet and exercise habits of more than 20,000 people who had successfully or unsuccessfully battled the bulge, or were always "naturally" slim.

More than half who fought off fat did so without the help of a commercial diet plan, medical treatment or pills.

The research confirmed there are no substitutes for hard work when it comes to losing love handles.

And don’t believe the ridiculously skinny celebrity who swears she eats what she likes and never exercises. only a tiny percentage of permanently svelte types get away with being sloths, according to the results.

The poll, for the Consumers Union’s magazine Consumer Reports in the US, revealed people on low-carb diets were more likely to have a higher body mass index, suggesting restricting carbohydrates won’t work unless combined with regular exercise and portion control.

Australian consumer group choice senior food policy officer Clare Hughes said the results challenged the myth that the permanently trim were just genetically blessed.

"Successful dieters and people who have always been a healthy weight all work hard to get these results. the only difference is that for perennially slim people, these habits come a little easier," Ms Hughes said.

Mt Waverley mum Ana Thomas, 39, dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 thanks to gym workouts four to five days a week, the occasional fun run and sensible eating.

She is now studying to be a personal trainer through Wyn Training Solutions. "I always think of food now as fuel for my body, rather than my life revolving around it," she said.

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