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Have a fitness resolution? Try running

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Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership or personal trainer, you might want to think about something simpler, easier, and more affordable: a 5K race.

Racing a 5K, which is 3.1 miles, is a perfect stepping stone to getting more fit, and around here, it seems like there’s one every other week. getting in shape – and staying in shape – is about building momentum, and that happens by taking on and conquering challenges. Along the way, you find yourself needing smaller pants.

5Ks are perfect because they are just daunting enough to challenge, but basic enough to beat.

Running a 5K doesn’t mean becoming a track star. A few weeks ago I talked with Frank Borque, president of the Wilmington Roadrunners, about a race they had. It was about four miles long, and he said that you could make it through that on minimal training.

My wife, Katie, and a couple of her friends are evidence of that. A few months ago, they signed up together to run a 5K. Katie hates running and has exercise asthma, but she did it, even after missing some training. She’s a good athlete, and she committed to it. She ran three times a week for three weeks, but then got sick and missed two of the six weeks of training. She ran once or twice more, then it was race day. Despite missing two weeks of training, she finished in about 30 minutes.

I won’t lie. It’s tough at first. when Katie started training, it hurt to run a mile. But by race day, she was running three miles at a steady pace.

So running a 5K without killing yourself is entirely possible. It makes runners out of people who never thought they’d be runners. they get hooked, and work their way up from a 5K to a 10K to a half-marathon to full marathons. For many people, it’s a gateway to a new life.

The only thing about changing a life – it starts small, with baby steps. Running a 5K is a perfect baby step.

Everyone’s in different physical conditions. If you’re less than fit, check with your doctor first. once you start, to make sure you stick with it, train with a friend or a group. It’s an old clich

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