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Any fitness tips for a 14 year old?

 Any fitness tips for a 14 year old?

Hi I am a girl of 14 year old and I want any fitness tips. I always read in the magazines about exercise and all that but they say its only for the adults so I just want to know what exercise will suit me.. any advice will be appreciated.

I will suggest practicing Karate. If one of your parents can join you that would be great. Karate is a great, fun, cardio workout. it has many benefits for the mind & body. You can check out below for more info.
Good luck in everything.

Well as a girl of 14 I would say to lay off the heavy workouts but a light workout wouldnt hurt at all!

You are at the perfect time of life to start building a lifetime of fitness.I suggest that you consider Pilate's, yoga, jogging and light weight training. I would also suggest that you pick a low impact sport as a primary out door activity.Golf, hiking, cycling or some other out in the sunshine sport.

You are not too young to work out. People say "don't worry about it, just enjoy being young" but I say its a perfect time to begin building healthy habits, like eating right and exercising, so that you NEVER have to worry about your weight. I played soccer at your age, and it kept me healthy.

In order to make exercise a life-long habit, you HAVE to enjoy it. You are never going to run every day of your life if you dread it. No one has THAT much willpower. So experiment a little and find something you really love, something you will look forward to, and do that 2-3 times a week for about 20 minutes (a good amount for beginners). Work up to doing it every day. Running, walking, jump roping, exercise DVDs (my fave), yoga, pilates, stair master, soccer, tennis,swimming ….these are all good options. (Its a vague suggestion, but it works)

Also, begin making an effort to change your diet. Veggies, fruits, whole grain breads and pastas, and lean sources of protein (chicken, lean cuts of beef, skim milk, low fat cheese and yogurt, tofu, etc). These foods will give you all the energy you need for working out. they should be the staples of your diet. Its ok to have treats, just don't make them ALL that you eat.

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