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Can I take my DS with me with the military?

 Can I take my DS with me with the military?

I'm going to be leaving with the military pretty soon. I was wondering if after boot camp and training and all that, during active duty, if I could take a personal electronic device like say a nintendo DS with me?

not to sure about your DS. But i know of people in different militray branches who hve taken a laptop along. why dont u ask at boot camp, lol. Im sure the DI need a laugh after a long day of chewing out newbies. lol

I can pretty muh say i dont think so, not on missions and stuff, but home at the barracks i dont see why not. I am aware of marines in Oki who have ipods and stuff.

After boot camp you can take any device with you. AIT (Advanced Individual Training) should be next for you. Depending on your job title it can be from several days to a year. During AIT you should be able to bring as much personal stuff that you can hold in your room.
Active duty is the same as AIT, you can have anything that can fit into your barracks room..

Sure, make sure you whip it out in front of the Drills during bed checks. lol. Naw, you can take stuff like that,but you won't see it till probably AIT depending on your MOS and who bad your cycle is. when I ran Basic trainees we didn't allow that stuff. And when I went to to Basic it wasn't invented.

Yes, you can take a DS with you to basic training. Shoot, anybody can take a DS with them. the real question to that is if you ever want to see it again.

They make you mail all of your clothes home including your underwear and shoes. they are not going to let you have a DS. Talk to your recruiter and they will tell you to leave it home.

Are you sure you want to go to boot camp with such a trivial device as a DS to comfort you? you mammas boy dirtbag. Someone is going to have much fun with you. Kinda wish I could be there to laugh.

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