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Ex-smoker needs help with fitness for firefighting school?

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I'm a pack a day smoker who just recently quit, and i wanted to know if anyone here has trained to be a firefighter? I want to start training and getting my wind back. I'm 18 years old & i have smoked for 4 years at a pack a day usually. Can anyone make me a AT HOME training schedule to help me get fit again? maybe a diet of some sort? I'm 6 foot 1 and i weigh 185 pounds. that would be much appreciated. thanks ahead of time.

well its not at home but if you want to burn calories, start for a short jog, gradually get longer and longer, of you want to lose fat, go for a walk every day, only short ones to start with, then make them longer. youll be fitter in no time

distance running is your best bet

that will get you in great shape AND ALSO make it easier to stay tobacco free

So you used to smoke? what I never could understand when I started working was the guys would come outside from a fire, and after coughing and spitting light up a cigarette. now days most firefighters don't smoke and work out and eat better,so times have changed. you will limit your ability to develop cardiovascular conditioning if you smoke. having quit your lungs will improve rapidly. if you weigh 185 you are not over weight. just tone up.

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