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Military Personal Are Below the US POVERTY LEVEL !!!!?

 Military Personal Are Below the US POVERTY LEVEL !!!!?

Most E5 and below Military Personal are living far below
the US Poverty Level…
NO, the Military DOES NOT give them everything…

The only thing the Military gives anyone (Single) is 3 Hots & a Cot, Medical, Rifle and Webgear, Bullets…MOS Training…

They MUST pay for everything else right from their first Issue
of Military Clothing in Basic/Boot Camp…plus any Hygiene
products that they might need…

When they get Married…the money that was going to the MessHall to feed then given to him and his Family…
He/She must now pay to eat in a Messhall…
(Just shifted money from one place to another…)

As for Family MEDICAL…well they have what is called
Tri Care that the Military person has to pay for…
Most civilians would be screaming if they had to pay
the co Pays that are required on this Medical Plan…
which covers next to nothing…

You're obviously not in the military.

You won't get rich in the military but if you're poor it's because you choose to be.

I make more money than my civilian counterparts and also have better benefits.

Thats why the military doesnt like lower ranking enlisted men to get married.

If the couple is lucky they can get into base housing. I seem to remember getting more money (was it called BAS) for being married until we got into base housing.

This is a volunteer Army. Don't join if you don't like it. Most people don't have medical insurance. last time I check people that are considered in poverty don't get money. any soldier can go to the Army Emergency Relief and get help. Anything you spend to get gear or personal hygiene is a tax deductible item. Tricare has covered 3 major surgeries and I have NEVER had to pay anything while I was on Active Duty. I have NEVER paid a Co-pay.
As for the Chow hall bit. what do you expect!? Most people go to a damn grocery store and buy their food! you get tax free food from the commisary.

What military are you griping about?

Yep. It sucks, doesn't it? the only way we were able to afford housing was because of BAH.

Well, my husband is an E-4 in the AF and with BAH for this area, he takes home $42,000 a year….24,000 in base pay and $18,000 in BAH (which we don't see because we live on base). but that is waht his entitlements are. We don't pay co-pays for Tricare Prime. There is absolutely no out-of-pocket costs. We do pay for Dental insurance but it's only $25.00 a month and it covers the Basics 100% and the rest at 70-80%.

We worked the civilian life making minimum wage..we are much better off in the AF and I don't even work anymore. We have no debt (except our car) and we can even save a little no and then. We have one child who is well cared for. he may not have the latest toys but he is happy. you make do with what you have.

I do not complain. yes, he could be paid better but he could be paid a hell of a lot worse!

Bullshit! at least in the US ARMY Clothing is initially provided for upon arrival at BCT. after graduation, a Yearly Clothing Allowance is provided.

Basic Personal Hygiene items have ALWAYS been out of pocket expenses except when in Combat theaters when sundry packs were issued.

As an Single E-6(w/o Dependents) My Base Pay is $3,243.30 per month

My BAH is $1,900.00 per month

You've provided no evidence to support that Troops are living below the Poverty level.

Uh don't know where you got your information but in the Army everything is provided to us including uniforms. they give you money for housing, food married or not. and I never had a pay a co-pay for tri-care. It was great. My kids were born for free…not many civilians can say that. also the majority of people you hear about in the military that are in poverty is because they chose to do that to themselves. It's just like any other job, you get a pay check and do what you want with it wether that be paying bills or buying unnecessary crap. Not to mention the pay raises Bush gave us over the past 4 years or so. and when my husband and I were in we got more than a cot, medical and a rifle plus our kids were well taken care of. I suggest you do your research better next time before you go bashing somehting you obvisiouly know nothing about.

Poverty line for a 1 person family unit in the US:

E-1 yearly salary: $16164, which doesn't include the housing and food that they pay you.

I pay no co-pay.

You do the math

Yes, many military families live at or below poverty level, especially those in the lower three enlisted ranks. Tricare, depending on the program you choose, generally has no co-pay for active duty members or families. however, if they choose to take less than prime coverage, there are co-pays and they are not as low as other programs. Military dental coverage for dependents is not all that…cleanings and yearly xrays are free, everything else has a 50% split with a cap of $1500 per person, per year. $1500 is also the max the military will pay towards braces…we had to pay the remaining $4000 out of pocket. the pay gets even more depressing when you figure out that military members are being paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. this drops the hourly of even the higher enlisted and lower officers to far below minimum wage. Many may think this an overstatement, but military members are on call at all times, days, night, holidays, vacation and can not refuse to report if ordered.

Also, for those quoting national poverty levels, in many areas of the country such as DC, CA, and the east coast, the cost of living is so high that families of 4 who make less than $50,000 a year are eligable for state subsidized health care, food stamps, free lunches and could be eligable for subsidized housing if military were allowed to apply. Most families of lower enlisted are eligable for WIC and more than 2/3 of enlisted families qualify for free lunches in the school system (btw…many local agencies feel the qualification levels for free lunch are actually far more accurate as to what consitutes poverty levels for specific areas rather than the national figure which is averaged using information from all 50 states…everywhere from HA ..which is one of the most exspensive states…to AL which is one of the cheapest).

I think My family lives pretty good my husband made almost 60,000 last year I have had five children free in the army.All the many emergency room visits with my children have been free. My husband does get a clothing allowance every year this year being 529.. So I of course think what these service members are doing is worth way more but Iam all in all pretty happy……..

The military PAYS housing allowance or provides housing on base.
The military PAYS substance (food) allowance, which is paid the the chow hall until married, but he can still eat there, they charge what would be charged if you weren't married.
The military PAYS for all education while in plus you can get G.I. bill and they'll pay past student loans.
The military PAYS for medical (Tricare) if seen on base there is NO co pays or deductibles. No monthly fees, etc.
The military PAYS for life insurance up to a set amount.
Military now PAYS for spouses & dependent's Education.
The military pays certain amount each year for clothing, hygiene, etc.
Military discounts nearly every where including car insurance, restaurants, hotels, airfare, etc.
Military person does have to pay for dependent's dental.
Good deals at PX/BX & Commissary.
Definately won't get rich in the military but it's easily survived and if you're good with money you can live fairly well.

you make it sound so much worse than it is..after extensive medical issues with our son..we have never paid a dime for it..he has had four different biopsys on major organs…the last one was unc in north carolina…we paid nothing…they have flown us to hawaii when we were in japan three times to see his drs..we have went to walter reed three times..again they paid for it all…and if e5's are so poor why as a family of four did we not even qualify for free or reduced lunches for our kids? there are those who are far worse off than a military member…you have some people regardless of being military or civilian looking for a is a clue..dont have more kids than you can pay for….you dont have to have a brand new car every two years…dont use credit cards…dont ask for a handout..foodstamps wic etc…unless you for go those three hundred dollar pants..and actually put your kids within your means….thats my story and im sticking too it

For Medical the only time there is a Co-pay and deductible is if the dependents are on Tricare Standard. If they are with Tricare Prime then there i NO COST, not even for prescriptions filled on base. If they are filled off base then there is a small charge.

For clothing issued at Boot Camp/BCT they actually receive money for that, it isn't all out of their pocket. There is also a yearly allowance for clothing.

BAS is for the AD MEMBER not the family. If they eat at the Mess Hall/Galley then it is deducted if they don't then it isn't. except for when on Sea Duty in the Navy on a ship that has a Galley in operation. Then the BAS is deducted each month except for around $40.

Tell me what company out there provides a free housing/apartment or an allowance to live in one? what company out there has a Grocery Store & Department store selling things at discounted prices for their employees? what company out there has a movie theater that provides free or low cost movies for the family? what company out there offers discounted tickets to most tourist attractions? what company out there allows you to retire after 20 years with a pension & full benefits? Which company out there allows you to fly around the world for free or less than $30 each? the list goes on from there….

The pay now for the military compared to 10 years ago is way higher and heading in the right direction? yes it may seem horrible but when you add in all the benefits and allowances the AD member can easily clear over $60K per year.

Nothing new there, chum.

some true some false.
We have never had to pay a single dime to tricare…except dental for dependants….more than a cleaning is not free…cheeper then off post non military but still not free. now the uniforms in basic traning…they do pay for them they take it out of their first pay check! for single soldiers they get a meal card for the defac. you dont always get housing on post but if you live off post u can get BAH…some people get to see it some dont depending where u live. they do NOT pay for all of your rrent if your living off post in europe thats for sure…it doesnt change with the exchange rate. we dont live in poverty, we arnt rich but we are happy!

Now that's a bunch of ill-informed alarmist cow crap.

Persons in Family Contiguous States + D.C. Alaska Hawaii
1 $10,400 $13,000 $11,960
2 $14,000 $17,500 $16,100
3 $17,600 $22,000 $20,240
4 $21,200 $26,500 $24,380
5 $24,800 $31,000 $28,520
6 $28,400 $35,500 $32,660
7 $32,000 $40,000 $36,800
8 $35,600 $44,500 $40,940
For each additional person, add $3,600 $4,500 $4,140

An E-1 with fewer than two years time in service brings home $16, 164 annually. an E-5 with 4 years in brings home $26,967.60 annually. Both of those figures are without BAH/BAS/separation pay/special duty pay/ sea pay/etc.

If you live in base housing, your rent, water, sewer, trash, electricity are all free. If you live off base, you receive money to offset those expenses. BAS is $294.43/month for enlisted members, non-locale BAH is $565.50/month for an E-1 under four years with dependents. Realize many high cost locales pay WAY more BAH than that. That same E-1 with a spouse, living in Anchorage, AK, would get $1,525.00 BAH every month. There's not a single meal available in a military dining facility that costs even $3.00 for E-5 and below. still a good value.

Realize that BAS/BAH and other allowances are not taxable. Not by the feds or the state.

The military does not charge for initial clothing issue. your every day clothing is free…better yet, when it wears out, you can return it one-for-one and get new stuff issued without paying for it.

The cost of even a short miltitary technical school is around $6000 per student…if that's "all" you get, you still didn't have to pay that $6000 out of pocket.

The military gives tuition assistance and the GI bill for education with many branches getting enlistment bonuses in the thousands of dollars.

Family medical for active duty costs nothing. Dental is preventive only without a charge, but with 46 million Americans uninsured, it's still a better gig than most have on the outside.

Military members and their families residing on base have access to free academic testing (CLEP and DANTES), free fitness facilites, discounted movies, free library services, and tax free shopping at their exchange and commissary.

I will admit every bit of it isn't first-rate, like you might get if you had tons of money to pay for it…but it's all kept up and functional…and available to military and their families at no or low-cost.

I have no idea where you got the "information" used in your rant, but the real data is supported by the links I've attached.…
SOURCE: Federal Register, Vol. 73, No. 15, January 23, 2008, pp. 3971–3972.…………

Edit: For Annie…an E-5 with one dependent and 4 years service, living in the DC metro area, gets $21,468.00 annually (untaxed) for housing. yes, the cost of living is higher…which is why the BAH is higher. what bothers me about this line of thinking is that it is obviously the lower ranks (younger members) who are struggling…and that they are blaming someone else for their choices. just like in the civilian world, you need to row your own boat before you take on more passengers.

It has always been so.Soldiers are sadly under valued,particularly in unnecessary wars:Iraq,Viet Nam,etc.after world war two soldiers came home to open arms and help with education and low interest home loans.It is a great injustice.Pick your wars carefully is about all I can say.

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