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No support? Plz help!!!!!?

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I am a 14 year old girl, and I weigh 240 pounds. I've had enough of being obese, and I want to change my weight! the problem is that my family is not supportive of me at all. they just kinda laughed at me and asked what kind of cake I wanted.

Now, if I was older and lived my myself, I would have changed this a long time ago. but since I'm still living at home, I can't do this without help. I've already explained myself and why I need to lose weight, and my doctor agrees with me 100%. He wants me to go to a fitness center and train with a personal trainer, but my family won't let me. we can afford it, and our insurance covers most of the cost, but my parents say there's no need, its a waste of time, and it's ok that I'm obese.

It's NOT ok that I'm obese! I want to change myself so that I have a healthier and happier life, but they don't see the reason to change anything. I know what I have to do, if you saw my previous questions, you would know that I have a realistic fitness plan in line, and I know what kinds of foods I need to eat, and how much, but they won't help me! I can't buy healthier food by myself; I have no money.

What are some ways that I can convince my family that this is important? If I go to my doctor and get him to help me, would that help? Thanks for answering!

Hi… Allstar!

I am very concerned with your problem.
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Of course! I was in the same situation as yours few years before. I complained that I have back pain, doctor took x-ray and many other tests and he concluded that I have no problem physically but weight might be a reason. Then I told my mom clearly that I won't eat anything else but just the soup and toast. I followed that diet for 15 days and then I had to go to doctor again and he suggested me not to be on soups again!! (Moral: take advice from a dietitian before changing food habits else it might be harmful!!)

You first meet a doctor who can convince your parents about this. Else you can shout/cry so that your parents have to support you!! Trust me!

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