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Fitness: Easy ways to get moving and stay moving

Do you find it difficult to fit 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily life? It may be easier than you think …here are a few tips that can help get you moving and keep you motivated…and it won’t take a lot of time.1. to start off your day, wake up 30 minutes earlier and go for a brisk walk. If you prefer to walk with someone, ask a friend, neighbor or family member to join you.2. Wash your car yourself. who says you need a drive through car wash? as an added incentive, you will save money at the same time.3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Walking up stairs is a great way to increase your heart rate and burn calories.4. Park at the far end of the parking lot or get off the bus a few stops ahead and then walk to your destination. Walk your children to and from school if possible.5. If you use a computer at work give yourself at least a 5 minute break every now and then and walk around the office or walk up and down the stairs if possible.6. Walk around your building (inside or outside) during your lunch break. you will burn calories rather than being tempted to nibble on a snack.7. Play actively with your children, grandchildren or pets.8. Before and after dinner, walk and talk with your family. If you have an infant, to burn more calories, use a baby carrier on your back when walking rather than using a stroller.9. do backyard gardening; in the fall rake leaves.10. Ride your bicycle to and from work. Walk to do nearby errands, such as grocery shopping.11. While you watch television, do household chores or projects; avoid being a couch potato.12. Catch up with house work; i.e. wash the windows, vacuum or shampoo the carpet, clean the garage and/or basement.13. use the exercise equipment you already own. do two things at one time; for example you can ride your stationary bike while reading the morning newspaper. you can also watch the morning news while you work out.14. “Walk while you talk.” If you like to chat on the phone, move your body while you talk (i.e. using hand weights, doing lunges and/or squats).15. Instead of renting a movie, rent an exercise video. FYI: If you have cable television, you have access to Exercise on Demand where there are tons of different exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home.the key is to get moving and stay moving. we all have very busy schedules and find it increasingly hard to fit in exercise with the constant work demands that are put upon us. these everyday activities can count towards your day’s total if they are done with moderate intensity …and most take only a little extra time, perhaps only 10 minutes at a time.Lisa Woods is a Certified Personal Trainer with Planet Fitness in Loudonville. She can be reached via email at lisawoods@skyesthelimitfitnesstraining.com or at 518-542-8875. Her website is: www.skyesthelimitfitnesstraining.com.

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