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Visualization helps fitness contestant

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Randy Strong is still going strong in the third week of International Sports Clubs new Years Resolution Reality web show. He was a former three sport high school athlete at Central Catholic who benched himself after graduation.

“Then I became a couch potato,” he said.

He wanted to get back in the game after his children started playing sports.

“I needed some more energy,” he explained. “My kids are very energetic. I got two teenagers that I’m always chasing around. they are constantly trying to do something and I needed to get off the couch and be apart of their life.”

Randy said the six-days-a-week workouts are intense, but he uses visualization to help complete them. Burpees, where you do a push up, leap up in the air and come back down for a push up, are one of the hardest exercises for him, but he said the more he imagined doing them, the better the actual workout went. Director of Personal Training Carlos Soto said it’s a technique anyone struggling through a fitness plan can use.

“You’ve got to keep your goals in mind,” explained Soto. “If you don’t, you lose sight of why you’re working so hard.”

Randy said he’s dropped eight pounds so far but the best benefit is having the energy to help coach his daughter in softball.

“She’s a catcher,” said Strong. “I was a catcher in high school. I’m able to show her some techniques and such and in the past I really couldn’t.”

He’s also considered a coach by others in the program, who he helps encourage during the workouts.

Click here go to the web reality show, check in on the contestants, and see fitness tips and tricks.  

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