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Drop and give me FITNESS

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The group mentality has a maternal bent at Blooma in Edina, where moms bond while building pelvic-floor strength at the yoga studio’s pre- and postnatal boot camps. The studio also offers weeklong Blooma Goes Outdoors boot camps to help moms transition to having kids home for the summer. after dropping off their little ones at the studio, where day care and breakfast are provided, campers head to a nearby park for hill runs, yoga and meditation.

Nine months after giving birth to her second child, Sara Afdahl decided that her workout routine wasn’t cutting it.

“My core felt weak. My back would give out. I wanted to tone up the last bit of post-baby weight,” she said.

Afdahl enrolled in CorePower’s boot camp, two weeks of alternating strength- and circuit-training classes designed to jump-start metabolism and increase cardiovascular endurance. in addition to attending the camp six days a week, participants are strongly encouraged to get in a second daily workout. The one-two punch paid off: Afdahl lost 2 inches off her waist and toned her hips and thighs. “I pushed myself harder than I normally would. With two kids, my workouts need to count,” she said. “It has to burn.”

Nowhere does it burn more than at Sergeant Peterson’s boot camp. in a bare-bones basement gym near Lake of the Isles, former Army man Tim Peterson and his company of trainers lead groups through a series of military-style drills: jumping jacks, push-ups, bear crawls, burpees. although the workouts aren’t for the faint of heart, they attract everyone from serious athletes to sorority girls seeking rapid results.

“I noticed a huge change within two weeks, and I only came twice a week,” says camper Kevin Zimmerman. “They work you to failure. That’s what your body needs.”

For Julie Kucinski, boot camp was exactly what she needed.

“Not to get all Oprah, but Shed It didn’t just change my body — it changed my life. I quit a very secure job to start my own business. I changed my relationships. I feel like a different and better and happier and more successful person.”

Minneapolis writer and lifestyle expert Elizabeth Dehn is the founder of

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