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Hey Personal Trainer – You’re Fired!

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I have never hired a personal trainer before but I have had friends who have, I’ve met plenty of them, and even have a family member who is one. all of the fitness trainers I’ve met were very knowledgeable. I think having one can be great for motivation but is it worth it to continue paying them if you are not getting results?

I had one friend of mine who used two personal trainers. She didn’t get the results she wanted from either. one trainer was great with teaching her about a healthy diet but never really got around to getting her to exercise and the other got her to exercise but didn’t really teach her anything about nutrition. Wouldn’t you agree that when you hire a fitness professional and discuss your overall goals, it is their job to help you reach those goals in the best way possible?

I agree that the client must do their part also. No training or nutrition program is going to work if you slack off when your trainer isn’t around watching you. however, I think there are ways that a personal trainer can keep you on track, particularly with eating. one trainer I knew of would make his clients carry around a food journal and log everything they ate for each meal. He would then go over it at every workout session. since diet determines at least 85% of your results, that is a simple and smart thing to do to help the client.

When is it Time to Fire your Personal Trainer?

You are paying a professional fitness trainer for results. almost anyone can become a certified personal trainer but whether or not they can deliver is another question. below are some things to consider if you feel you’re not getting results:

  • Your trainer isn’t helping you with nutrition.
  • You seem to be chit-chatting more than working out.
  • You don’t feel accountable to your trainer for workouts and diet.
  • Your trainer doesn’t set goals with you or track your progress.
  • You’ve spent months with your trainer and you have nothing to show for it.

Some people need the guidance and motivation of a good CPT. however, you shouldn’t be wasting your time and money on someone who isn’t getting you the results you’re paying for.

Have you ever had to fire a personal trainer? if so, why?

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